Tiered learning and pathways

Enjoy flexible and tailored courses for your child.

Robotics and Coding Classes for All Ages

With us, learners create and code the future.

Education centre & blending learning

Face-to-face classes that are blended with online modules and workshops.


Robotics and coding classes for all ages and levels

Code on multiple platforms and learn vital skills for the future

Build actual robots in a safe and fun learning environment

Purchase, own, and use easy-to-start robotics and electronics sets

How it all works

When you join CodeABot, you start on the learning pathway shown in the adjacent image.  Every path has a starting point and a final destination.  Your starting point, in the first tier, will be to get a basic overview of mechanics, electronics and coding.  In tier 2 and 3 you learn coding principles that are common across all languages and you end up at your destination, in tier 4, with the multifaceted and popular Python coding language.You may wish to watch some video footage on each course to get a better idea of what is covered.  We have added a short video of each course for you to get a better idea of what you will be doing in class.  Please visit “All WeDo” and then click on [Learn More] to see the video of each course..

Progress Awards & Pre-requisites

As you move through our learning pathway, you will want a way in which you can keep track of all you have done.  We have a passport to help you do this. Courses completed, concept learnt and attendance are recorded in your passports.  Each stamp of completion shows where you are on your learning pathway journey.  Complete tier 2 and you can earn a badge to proudly display your progress

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Who is Albert?

Albert is our logo mascot. The “A” on his shirt is from the “A” in CodeABot. You will find him recommending your learning pathway, and he pops up in our classroom for younger learners and is to be found on our merchandise.

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