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Coding on multiple platforms

Experience a variety of languages and end at Python.

You can actually build it

Learn workshop safety and work with power tools.

Easy to start robotics and electronic sets

See coding come alive with robots that demonstrate your code.

A sense of purpose

What makes you come alive? Dream. Design. Develop. Distribute.


We are not afraid of making mistakes. We learn from them.


Discover why two are better than one.

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Who is Albert?

Albert is our logo mascot. The “A” on his shirt is from the “A” in CodeABot. You will find him recommending your learning pathway and he pops up in our classroom for younger learners and is to be found on our merchandise.

Our Online Virtual Robotics Class in the Google Classroom for our EV3 robot

For distance learners who cannot come to class. Prepare for the World Robotics Olympiad or First Lego League Robotics competition using a virtual robot. Learners learn basic coding of an EV3 robot and run their code in a virtual environment.

FLL with EV3WRO with EV3

Workshop and Course Costs


These workshops are designed for young learners and beginners of coding and robotics.

Tier 1 Courses

These courses are designed for students who understand the fundamentals of coding and design.

Tier 2 Courses

These courses are designed for intermediate-level coders. Pre-requisite courses are required for these levels.

Tier 3 & 4 Courses

These courses are designed for students who have a strong grasp on coding. Pre-requisite courses are required for these levels.


I have seen my teenager grow in confidence and leadership at CodeABot. The staff are wonderful.

Carli Roberts

My son counts the sleeps until he can go back to class.


CodeABot has given my son hope for the future.