What is this
course about

Here you get to spend longer stretches of time with the robots and electronic sets you have been introduced to. You will work through pre-designed lesson plans to experience what each system uniquely emphasises. For example, some systems focus on mechanical know how and skills while others develop your creativity in story telling by using line follower robots.

Skill Level
8 & up
Weekly Study
1 Hour +
Term by Term Modules

What modules are
available to me in 2019?


Inspiring digital creativity, the microbit focuses on aspects that you find in mobile phones, featuring a cool led display.


A tiny robot, designed for colour following and basic to advanced coding


A robot that features a wide range of sensors to interact with the real world, such as X object detectors.


A great robot for those who dont like to build but want to code. Featuring a cool ultrasonic sensor.


This Robot introduces you to the Lego Mindstorms range, featuring mechanics and coding all in one.


The Next step up from the Wedo in the Mindstorms range, great to develop skills learned previously.

EZ Robot

The most advanced robot featuring facial recognition, motion detection and 16 independent servo motors.

Mechanical Design

The perfect course for developing mechanical knowledge and skills, using Lego to build amazing creations.

LittleBits Design

Create what you can imagine, using recycled resources and electronic kits.

LittleBits Code

For those who would like to code games in a nostalgic 8-bit style. Featuring drag and drop coding.

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