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Micro:Bit (9-12 Years)

07/06/2021 14:45
05/07/2021 16:45
Mon, 7 June 2021
Session 1 of 5 🕣 Time: 14h45 - 16h45
Mon, 14 June 2021
Session 2 of 5 🕣 Time: 14h45 - 16h45
Mon, 21 June 2021
Session 3 of 5 🕣 Time: 14h45 - 16h45
Mon, 28 June 2021
Session 4 of 5 🕣 Time: 14h45 - 16h45
Mon, 5 July 2021
Session 5 of 5 🕣 Time: 14h45 - 16h45


Please note, this course has the following pre-requisites:

Complete any three of these courses (subject to availability and scheduling):

  1. EV3 Robot
  2. Thymio
  3. Ozobot
  4. LittleBits

Learners will use the story of Alice in Wonderland as a unifying theme to make crafts that are coded to animate the story. Projects include the pocket watch the white rabbit carries, pedometers that measure Alice’s steps, a game of cards that will have the Queen yelling “Off with your head!” if you are too slow, and electric circuits that make Alice grow when she eats the cupcake and shrink when she drinks from the bottle.

This is a brilliant program enjoyed by both boys and girls as the electronics and coding come in the familiar and fun setting of a well known story.


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