Python 1 (13-18 Years) Blended Learning


CodeAbot has secured licences for the popular course, “Introduction to Python” as offered by ITU Online Learning.

The ITU online learning course gives you:

  • Online access to 7 hrs and 53 min of course video hours
  • A total of 25 modules.
  • A downloadable certificate on successful completion of the final course assignment.

Included in the cost:

  • An electronic transcription of the course content to be used as class notes.
  • 6 face-to-face sessions at our premises, with a facilitator to guide you, should you require extra assistance at any stage of the course (each session is 2 hours long and requires your own device and headphones)
  • Important:  these 6 sessions are not for teaching the course – they are simply extra assistance for the student who is experiencing difficulties with any concepts.

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