Mission 2021 Thymio to Mars

In the heart of Switzerland there is a mountain of chocolate.  Not really, but it makes for a good start to this story. There is however a science and technology institution, EPFL, that started up what must be one of my highlights in my annual calendar of robotics events. 

Using a Thymio robot, the brains at EPFL, created a collaborative robotics activity for learners around the world.  It is not a competition but an event where participants get to experience what it is going to be like to build and maintain our new world on Mars.  It is going to take the whole world working together to make it work.  There will be time delays from when coded instructions are sent from Earth to when they reach the robots on Mars.  And things will go wrong…

This is R2T2 Rendezvous on Mars 2021!  The goal of the initiative is to bring children from all over the planet together to solve a problem because something has gone wrong on Mars.  This year, 44 teams from around the world are planning to participate.  Teams from France, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Martinique, Guyana, Russia and South Africa will be joining the challenge.

And CodeABot is honoured to be able to make this experience available to clients who have completed the Thymio Course with us. 

We have registered 2 teams to take remote control of the robots in Switzerland and work with 10 other teams from around the world.  The event is scheduled for 1:30pm on Friday 21 May at the CodeABot Centre in Sunridge Park.  Learners will have to leave school a bit early but which headmaster will deny you the opportunity to go save the day on another planet in our solar system!