Our Terms and Conditions


1. To partake in CodeAbot activities clients are required to both REGISTER a profile as well as CHECKOUT the particular course to be purchased.
2. All clients are required to fill in the online registration form in full. All parents, guardians and learner details that are submitted are used for communications between CodeABot and the client. It is the responsibility of the client to supply accurate and up to date information.
3. By submitting an enrolment form learners, his/her parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) agree to the privacy policy.
4. We require an 80% attendance record to consider a course as completed.
5. Clients may book either courses, workshops or online classes.
6. Courses are either 10 hours or 12 hours depending on age.
7. 10-hour courses run Monday to Friday for 1 or 2 hours each day.
8. 12-hour courses run Tuesday to Friday for 1 or 2 hours each day.
9. We are closed on public holidays and class times and days will vary in weeks where public holidays fall.
10. All visits are by appointment only.
11. Masks are to be worn at all times at the facility.
12. The facility will only be available to visit for registered clients.
13. Advanced Technologies Institute, trading as CodeABot, shall have the right to vary the program syllabus should the
facilitator feel it will enhance learner’s experience.
14. Learners shall be held financially liable for destruction of equipment if it is as a result of not listening to a facilitator or disrespect for Advance Technologies Institute property.


1. By completing the online submission, the client is liable for the full fee of the course, workshop or online class.
2. All new learners are expected to purchase a passport booklet at a R25 additional cost. This is a once off fee.
3. Bookings cannot be credited for other courses or transferred in any way due to Covid isolation requirements.
4. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances whatsoever, unless the programme is cancelled by CodeABot.
5. The fee is payable upfront and must be paid in full when booking the course online.
6. Advanced Technologies Institute, trading as CodeABot, reserves the right to postpone or cancel skills programmes due to lack of demand. In event of cancellation, as opposed to postponement, all fees will be refunded. The class requires a minimum of 4 learners to run.
7. Holiday clubs, workshops and competition fees are over and above monthly fees.
8. Equipment fees for certain programs are over and above regular course fees but this will be clearly stated in the enrolment form prior to enrolment.
9. The Passport to the Future and badges are for the learners own account. Passports (R25 each) are compulsory and badges are optional.
10. Course payments are as follows.
4-day courses R140 per hour for 12 hours = R1640
5-day courses R140 per hour for 10 hours = R1400
11. Online courses are R1640 and take approximately 16 hours to complete.
12. The Micro:Bit course costs do not include all materials for projects. Cost may vary but please budget on approximately R300.

Privacy Policy

1. All personal details will be used by Advanced Technologies Institute, trading as CodeABot, to communicate information about recommended courses, holiday programs and workshops.
2. By enrolling for a course, you are agreeing that photos of your child may be taken and used for promotional material on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and the CodeABot website, as well as be used in printable media such as promotional pamphlets and posters for CodeABot .
3. By enrolling for a course, you are agreeing that you would, from time to time, like to receive images of your child busy in class, and acknowledge that your child may be present in the photos that are sent to other parents of learners in the same class.
4. Your cell number may be added to a WhatsApp group to assist with group communication.

Legal Declaration of Indemnity

1. All staff, facilitators and representatives of Advanced Technologies Institute will act responsibly to keep learners and their property safe. Learners are expected to listen to instructions to assist us in doing so.
2. Learners are to stay out of private areas of the premises.
3. The learner and his/her parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) hereby indemnifies Advanced Technologies Institute against any claim made against Advanced Technologies Institute in respect of any damage arising out of the fault of the applicant.

Informed Consent

1. Parents are responsible to give correct answers regarding covid and confirm that they have, to the best of their knowledge, not withheld any information that may be relevant to the learner’s state of health.
2. Parents are aware of the potential health risk involved with moving in a public space under the current circumstances (Covid -19 and the Novel Corona Virus).
3. By completing a booking parents give consent to the teaching of classes in the format required of an interactive and constantly moving lesson. Social distancing cannot always be guaranteed with moving robots.
4. Parents hereby release and discharge Advanced Technologies Institute, trading as CodeABot, its present and future members and employees, from all claims for loss or damages, howsoever caused (including the risk of Covid -19 contamination), that learners may suffer as a direct or indirect result of or otherwise attributable to exposure within the facility.

Missed Classes

1. The learner’s failure to attend classes for whatever reason shall in no way entitle him / her to a reimbursement in fees or a catch-up class.
2. An 80% attendance is required to complete the course.
3. We are unable to catch learners up by swapping out classes.
4. We may from time to time assist with private classes at our discretion to assist special cases such as family deaths etc. These are charged at R250 an hour.