Starting to Take Shape

It is not always easy to give opportunities to those that need it. Before the start of a project, we may have lofty goals of upliftment, changing lives and making a difference to South Africa. But on day one of the project, when you start getting your hands dirty, the lofty is quickly replaced by the nitty gritty.

The bus the learners are supposed to arrive on, had to double as an “ambulance” and drop someone off at the hospital. Class will start late. The original group of 10 has shrunk to 6 (you knew that) but one of the 6 simply did not arrive. Scrap partner exercises and move to individual work. The same bus has 8 new learners and they think they are coming to class. Phone the school and calmly explain you are not able to assist them (internal panic). Invite the learners in and show them around apologizing that they will not be able to join (internal guilt). The coding blocks you did the introduction class on have now changed. Encourage the learners that they can cope with the change. The bus is over 45 minutes late to collect the learners and the next class has started. Move people around to sit with restless learners who are climbing over the wall into neighbour’s property.

I guess a blob is a shape too. So I can contact the kind sponsor of the group and tell him that things are starting to take shape.

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Getting to know the First Lego League season “Replay” mat layout.